Ninova is founded with the purposes of addressing the automotive and machine key industries’ need for parts supply and building bridges between foreign enterprises and local suppliers by determining high quality, competitive and appropriate Turkish suppliers. The source of its professional approach in every step can be found in its 25 years of experience in the automotive industry.

Ninova provides wide-ranging consultancy services in line with the needs and demands of its customers such as part research, product prototypes, part production, after-sale support and finding new customers for both foreign and local customers seeking for a reliable business partner.



Periodic or long term consultancy services for foreign companies operating in the automotive and machine industries, which are looking for supplying parts from Turkey

Consultancy services for Turkish companies operating in the same industries, which are seeking to find customers abroad.


Representation services for the commercial activities of foreign enterprises in Turkey.

Parts Supply


Half mounting parts, welded parts, press parts, laser-cut parts, electrostatic painted parts, electronic cards, welded and non-welded aluminum parts, CNC welded parts, pipe bending parts, rubber, plastic and glass with quality management system support and 3D evaluation report for foreign enterprises’ project-based demands, especially for the supply of system parts.

Mold, Apparatus, Fixture

Welding fixture, control fixture, sheet forming molds (cutting, drilling, form)

Machine Parts

Engine and component parts of sea vehicles, propellers, various machine detail parts


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